Heart to Heartへようこそ


A Warm Welcome to Heart to Heart Global Communcations!

I have been living in my dream of unifying societies and cultures through anything magical. Making my debut in the hospitality industry at the age of 13, then branching out into the education field from the age of 22; thus leading me finally into the community services arena to build stronger relationships in order to contribute to living in a better world. This is a totally wonderful existence to become with my fellow workers so we can share the benefits for One and All…..

Heart to Heart Global Communications has a philosophy which boasts:

Together We Stand for Growth in Education Spirit and Love.

The language of love is an essential tool as it is the strongest form of Communication for All. I have had invaluable education from professional companies that have kindly given me their training, encouragement and most of all their belief in me. This has moulded me into the person I am today.

I continue to live, learn and love with my family, friends, students, work colleagues and whomever I have the opportunity to meet . Let us continue to strive to have peace and happiness in our hearts so that we may be able to truly be of benefit to our Workplaces and the Communities in that we choose to live in today.







私の家族、友達、生徒、仕事の同僚、そして出会う全ての人達と共に学び、愛しながら、生き続けていきます。 私たちは、現在生活すると決めた仕事場やコミュニティーにとって真の利益となるよう、私達の心の中に平和と幸せを持てるように努力を続けていきましょう。